Cold Root Rolling for Better ROI

Your drill string is your lifeline. It’s a critical component of your business and it needs to be in operation if you want to make money. The failure of offshore

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Process & Benefits of Cold Root Rolling

For almost 60 years, CJWinter has been one of the world’s leading providers of thread rolls and thread rolling tools. These products find application in traditional thread-rolling operation, as well

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How It Works: Cold Root Rolling

October 2 is Manufacturing Day, a national celebration of modern manufacturing. In honor of the special day, we’re sharing an illustrative “How It Works” guide that offers a step-by-step look

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Watch Cold Root Rolling in Action

Companies in the oil and gas industries must consider the service life of their products, especially in relation to costs. At CJWinter, we are well aware of these concerns —

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Top Reasons to Use Cold Root Rolling

How Cold Root Rolling Enhances Strength & Service Life of Rotary Joint Connections As the benefits of Cold Root Rolling become increasingly well-known throughout the Oil and Gas industry, it’s

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Tony Key

I am one of the few experienced specialist in the world who has installed hundreds of units through out Mexico, Canada and the United States that understands the process and procedures to accomplish cold root rolling to meet specifications for API thread forms as well as proprietary thread forms on multiple machine tools.

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