11072 Series External Thread (PIN) Turret Mount Tools

About the 11072 Series

CJWinter’s turret-mount tool for cold root rolling pin connections, the 11072 series is based on 60+ years of industry experience. Specifically crafted for ease of use in the petroleum industry, the tool burnishes the thread root in rotary shouldered connections, strengthening them to avoid joint failures.


  • Turret mount external tool uses 2″ OD x .375 wide EPL-style rollers
  • Low 3.45″ mounting height for machines with tight turret index clearance
  • No need for an intermediate toolholder
  • Tool profile is more typical of other OD turning tools, reducing the chance  of chuck-jaw and back-wall clearance issues
  • Rolling forces are directly in-line with turret
  • 11072-A-SA Series is a square shank mount
  • 1.25” shanks are standard
  • 1″ thru 1.5″ and metric-sized shanks are all options

11072 Series External Thread (PIN) Turret Mount ToolsThe supplied pressure gauge is liquid-filled, and comes equipped with max indicating pointer so values can be observed after the cycle is complete, rather than during cycle with moving parts and coolant spraying about the lathe. The liquid-filled gauge is IP67 rated against coolant ingress and comes with NIST traceable certification from CJWinter.

Why Cold Root Rolling?

Cold root rolling has been proven to prolong the service life of drilling connections by three to five times. Increase fatigue resistance of your connection without slowing down your process — contact our team today to learn more.

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