How to Order Cold Roll Wheels

coldrolls.jpgHow to Order Cold Roll Wheels

1) If you have ordered wheels from us before there will be a part number on the face of the wheel.

2) Part numbers should start with an EPL, F, CR, or a C for identification.
     Examples: EPL-038-P1, EPL-050-B1, F50.038X2, F38.022X2, CR101, C100, CR50

3) If you do not know the part number then specify:
                  a. Pin or Box – Do you know if the tool is an EPL style or other?
                  b. Radius or API Connection size, NC 50, NC38, 6 5/8 regular, etc.
                  c. For proprietary thread forms there is a good chance we have already manufactured
the wheel or send us a print and we will supply you a part number or item number.

4) If you are following the DS-1 specification the wheel radius will be slightly larger than the thread form radius. Example: .038 root radius require a .042 wheel radius.

5) CJWinter can supply wheels for competitor’s tools as well as self made cold rolling tools.

6) When ordering any cold roll wheel other than EPL style please call for Item Number.

EPL (Error Proof Loading) Cold Roll Wheels

Use Item Number listed when ordering


Item # Radius
EPL-038-B1 R.042
EPL-038-B2 R.038
EPL-040-B1 R.022
EPL-050-B2 R.027










Item # Radius
EPL-038-P1 R.042
EPL-038-P2 R.038
EPL-040-P1 R.022
EPL-050-P1 R.027



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