11071 Series External Thread (PIN) Bar-Style Tool

About the 11071 Series

The 11071 Series Cold Root Rolling tools burnish the thread root in rotary shouldered connections. The process adds strength and stability, decreasing the likelihood of joint failure and prolonging the connections service life by up to three to five times.

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11071 Series External Thread (PIN) Bar-Style Tool


  • EPL internal tool uses 1" OD x .375 wide EPL rolls
  • 2.5" x 4" long shank standard
  • Other sizes are available upon request to meet machine requirements

The 11071-SA Series will roll all standard API Rotary Shouldered PIN connections in the following ranges.

  • NC23 to NC70
  • 2 3/8 REG to 8 5/8 REG
  • 2 3/8 IF to 6 5/8 IF
  • 3 1/2 FH to 6 5/8 FH


Why Cold Root Rolling?

Our 60+ years of industry experience in thread rolls and thread rolling tools enabled the unique design for the 11071 Series, as well as the entire family of tools that CJWinter has crafted for the petroleum industry’s rotary shouldered connections. Special features include:

  • Self-contained: All you need is a socket wrench to pressurize the roller piston.
  • Internal accumulator: Engineers can easily apply full pressure through the critical last scratch of the run-out thread.
  • EPL: Our error-proof loading system means the wheels CANNOT be loaded backwards.
  • No conversions: Hydraulic pressure and roller force values are 1:1; no calculations needed.
  • Liquid-filled pressure gauge: Values can be observed after the cycle is complete.
  • Easy compatibility: CJWinter tooling for cold root rolling rotary shouldered connections is compatible with any CNC lathe.

Increase the fatigue resistance of your connection without slowing down your process. The in-house engineering staff at CJWinter is always available to help with technical manufacturing situations, and to answer any of your questions. Contact our team today for more information.