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Cold Root Rolling Questions Answered

Posted by CJWinter on Jan 20, 2015 10:51:08 AM

CJWinter has been a global industry leader in thread rolls and thread rolling tools for almost 60 years. We have used this experience to design a line of Cold Root Roll tooling specifically for the petroleum industry - and we believe it is the only self-contained, commercially available tool available on the market that cold-root-rolls threads to the following compliances:

  • ANSI/API Specification 7.2:2008
  • ISO 10424-2:2007, in accordance with NS-1 cold root rolling procedures
  • DS-1 Third Edition, Volume 3.33.6

To provide a better understanding of the parameters and tooling of this process, CJWinter has compiled a Cold Root Rolling FAQ

Benefits of this Guide

This in-depth guide answers many of the questions industry professionals may have about Cold Root Rolling, including:

  • What standards cover this process?
  • How is target pressure determined?
  • What is a “last scratch” thread?
  • How do you tell a good rolled part from a bad one?
  • What should my tooling pressure be set to?
  • Do rolls need to be changed and lubricated?
  • What is the EPL system?
  • How much force is being exerted during this process?

Client demand for top-quality, reliable thread rolling solutions is always high. In order to meet this demand, manufacturers must be adaptable, and learn as much as possible about different production methods. With our Cold Root Rolling FAQ, your company will have all the necessary information to effectively implement this process.

Click below to download your free copy of this resource today. For more information on CJWinter’s thread rolling solutions, please contact us.

Download the FAQ

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