Cold Root Rolling for Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, extensive lengths of connected pipes extract and transport substances across long distances. Threaded together, this series of adjoined pipes forms a drill string. These

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Cold Root Rolling for Better ROI

Your drill string is your lifeline. It’s a critical component of your business and it needs to be in operation if you want to make money. The failure of offshore

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Cold Root Rolling vs. Burnishing

There are nearly 12.5 million manufacturing workers in the United States who facilitate a broad variety of complex fabrication processes. Machining and metalworking make up a large portion of the

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Process & Benefits of Cold Root Rolling

For almost 60 years, CJWinter has been one of the world’s leading providers of thread rolls and thread rolling tools. These products find application in traditional thread-rolling operation, as well

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Cold Root Rolling Terminology

What is Cold Root Rolling?  Cold root rolling is the process of burnishing the root radius of a previously cut thread, in a Rotary Shouldered Connection or thread profile. A hardened

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Tony Key

I am one of the few experienced specialist in the world who has installed hundreds of units through out Mexico, Canada and the United States that understands the process and procedures to accomplish cold root rolling to meet specifications for API thread forms as well as proprietary thread forms on multiple machine tools.

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