Learn How To Get Qualified For Cold Root Rolling


CJWinter now offers a “No Hassle Guarantee” that our Cold Root Rolling Tools will accomplish the specification that you need to meet, or we will take them back!

During your process of getting Qualified for cold rolling with your customer, CJWinter can make the tooling purchasing very easy:

Purchase one tool and one wheel for either the pin, the box, or both, and CJWinter will give you up to 60 days to get Qualified with your customer before you have to pay for your cold roll tooling.*

This gives you the time needed to send samples to your customer for approval before having to pay for your cold roll tooling.

Let's Get Started:

Fill out the required information on the form to the right.
CJWinter will contact you to discuss the “No Hassle Guarantee” and the tooling you will require to get Qualified.*

We can't wait for you to see why it is so easy for CJWinter to stand behind our Cold Root Rolling Product line. We are the industry leader in cold rolling, and the first choice of innummerable customers around the world.

CJ Winter's products are designed with the customer in mind, with its commercial industrial grade, ease of use, compact design and error proof loading. Our tooling goes above and beyond, and we meet all industry specifications, including: DS-1, NS-1, and API. CJWinter is the only company in the world that is NS-1 Certified for the process of cold root rolling.

Watch the video below for more information.

*This offer only applies to “NEW CUSTOMERS” needing to implement cold root rolling to get Qualified. Some restrictions may apply due to your location.

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