Why CJWinter is the BEST CHOICE

Why Are We The Best Choice?

CJWinter’s Cold Root Rolling tools set the bar higher – saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

WhyCJWinterBest.jpgCJWinter produces the only self-contained, commercially available tool that will cold root roll threads in compliance with ANSI/API Specification 7.2.2008 and ISO 10424-2.2007 compliance, and in accordance with the Fearnley Procter NS-1™* and DS-1 cold root rolling procedure in both standard  and non-magnetic materials.

*CJWinter Procedure for Cold Rolling of Threads of Rotary Shouldered Connections, Revision A. Services: Cold Rolling of Rotary Shouldered Connections.

In Why CJWinter is the BEST CHOICE, you'll learn:
  • The reasons why we are your best choice
  • Who's using our tools
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