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How it Works on a Weiler Lathe

Posted by CJWinter on Mar 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Industrial manufacturing relies heavily on various types of machines. The success of your application hinges on the capabilities of the machine being used—this includes adaptability with varying tools and processes.

The Weiler Corporation understands the importance of versatile equipment. Weiler has been a trusted supplier of high-end industrial lathes for over seven decades. These lathes offer manufacturers many advantages, but most notably a fully customizable interface. Weiler lathes can accommodate a wide range of accessories—including the Cold Root Rolling (CRR) Tool, provided by the specialists at CJ Winter.

The CJ Winter CRR Tool is a self-contained tooling system commonly used to triple the fatigue life of finished threads. In addition to being error proof and not requiring external power, the CRR Tool can be integrated easily and seamlessly into machines such as Weiler brand lathes.

To provide insight into how this integration occurs, CJ Winter would like to offer our Cold Root Rolling Process on a Weiler Machine Tool guide.

What You’ll Learn From this Guide

This resource will elaborate on the steps needed for integrating our CRR Tool with a Weiler lathe.

  • Tooling – quickly and easily add the CRR tool to your database with a unique description
  • Creating a Cycle – copy and paste an existing threading cycle and change its name
  • Verifying the Root Position – properly place the tool into the root’s thread and dial it in as the cycle initializes

Versatility is Key

To accomplish your manufacturing goals, it’s vital to work with versatile equipment. To learn more about CJ Winter’s CRR Tool and its capabilities, obtain a copy of this guide or contact us today. 

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